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Bath time for Kita the Akita!

Kita the Akita getting a bath!

Dexter got a shave down!

Dexter got a shave down!

Lolli the dog getting a haircut.

Lovely Lolli enjoying her dog spa!

Dogs getting mobile grooming in North Hollywood

Jenna and Frankie having a spa day!

Mo the chow ready for Halloween

Mo the chow ready for Halloween

Pit bull bath

Purple is definitely Olive’s color!

Husky deshedding treatment

Sky the husky got a deshedding treatment!

Yorkie hair cut

Perla the Yorkie is the cutest!

Ginger shave

Ginger got a shave down!

Lollio groom

It’s always a treat to see Lolli!

Shave down dog

Makeover day for Lamb!

Pomeranian lion cut

We love doing lion cuts on Pomeranians!

Mastiff bath

Brian the Mastiff is 100+ pounds of love!

Puppy groom

His first hair cut!

Bichon Archie

Archie has a great smile!

Shave down

Big makeover!

POseys first groom

Posey’s first groom!

small dogs

Great things come in small packages!

Finn the Chow and Pumpkin dogs

Finn and Pumpkin are darling!


Gregory is wonderful!!


Sam’s first bath!


Bug is ready for Christmas!

Sofia got a pawdicure!

Sofia got a pawdicure!

German Shepherd and Doberman get baths

Big dog bath day with Volli and Sander!

Sadie and Remo enjoying their bath day!

Dog grooming in Los Angeles

Bo, Bosco and Stella having fun in the truck!

Shih Tzu grooming

Bella the Shih Tzu’s haircut!

Golden Retriever haircut

Charlie the Golden Retriever’s makeover!

Dog grooming makeover

Lucy’s mobile grooming makeover!

Dog grooming makeover

Sugar’s first mobile grooming appointment!

Large dog grooming

Big dogs need spa days too!

Dog baths

Stella rocking her Dodgers bandana!

Toy dog mobile grooming

Cute Chewie’s new haircut!

Pasadena dog grooming

CC the Australian Shepherd enjoying her spa day!

Mobile dog grooming North Hollywood

Adorable doxies!

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