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Mobile Grooming Services and Pricing

We offer a variety of packages and services to fit the needs of every dog!
Feel free to ask questions if you aren’t sure what would best suit your dog.

** Bathing Beauties Package **


Nails trimmed and/or filed

Ears plucked (as breed appropriate) and cleaned to prevent infection

V Pads trimmed

Sanitation trim (as breed appropriate or on request)

– Complete brush out (includes light de-matting; some matted fur will require a dematting treatment at extra cost, or, in the case of severe matting, a shave down will be recommended)

– Warm bath

– Blueberry facial

– Specialty shampoo and conditioner to suit your dog (options include oatmeal, hypoallergenic, deshed treatment, whitening, black coat, flea)

Hand blow dry (no cage dryers!)

– Cologne spritz

– Bows or bandanas

– Prices for the Bathing Beauties Package range from $70 to $125 for most breeds, depending on the size of the dog and coat condition and length

** A New Do Package **


– All of the above in the Bathing Beauties Package

– A haircut of your choice (options include a summer cut, puppy cut, full shave down, lion cut, overall or face/feet/tail trim, breed cuts, feather cuts)

– Prices for the New Do Package range from $85 to $160 for most breeds, depending on the size of the dog, coat condition and length, and the cut desired


– Anal Glands – at your request, during the bath we will feel your dog’s anal glands, and if they feel full, we will do an external expression.  If we cannot feel the anal glands easily, or easily manipulate them for expression, we will not continue to apply pressure.  If you dog has anal sac issues, please raise this issue with your veterinarian!

Call us at: 323-697-2452 to set an appointment or if you have any questions about
our services, service areas, prices or accesories.