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Ear Cleaning

Cleaning the ears is something done on all dogs that are groomed by us. Healthy dog ears are pink and shiny in the canal area and do not emit an odor. We will swab the ears with an antiseptic cleaner. Dogs with dropped or folded ears (think cocker spaniels) are more prone to problems than pricked-eared dogs. Moisture can get trapped in the ears, which turns them into breeding grounds for bacteria. On ears like this, we will remove the hair from the front edge of the ear canal and ear leather to help promote better air circulation and access for cleaning. On dogs with long, flowing coats, there is often ear hair growing in the ear canal, which can impede air flow and trap discharge. If the ear is full of hair and debris, we will pluck the hair and clean the air; however if the ear appears healthy and there is only minimal hair, we will not pluck the hair but will clean the ear.

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